Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#Trust30: Five Years

Today's #Trust30 challenge is to write to myself five years in the past and five years in the future. Here's what I would say to me:

Dear Me of Five Years Ago:

You don’t realize it yet, but you are on the verge of changing your life.

In just a few months, you are going to return to college and finish your B.A. in English. Thanks to your professors and peers, you are also going to discover that you are a good writer – something you have been doubting for years.

Earning your Bachelors degree will give you a confidence you never had before. Remember to thank Dan for giving you the opportunity to return to school full time, because the next six months are vital to your future.


Me, Today


Dear Me of Five Years Hence:

I believe you will have found more success as a writer by now than you ever thought possible ten years ago. You have twenty complete novels under your belt, a network of writers and readers who support you, and you may have even met Oprah.

I’m so proud of you – you achieved something you spent too many years just dreaming of doing. On top of that, you have a wonderful husband and family who support and love you.

Don’t rest on your laurels now, though – you’re only 44! Keep going! Your life isn’t even half over if you’re going to make it to 100. When will you write your fiftieth book?


Me, Today

1 comment:

  1. These are great post Susan. Keep it up. Sounds like you know what you want out of life. I'm off to write mine.


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