Monday, June 6, 2011

#Trust30: Dare To Be Bold

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I want Oprah to select one of my books for her Book Club. I know what you’re probably thinking: Oprah doesn’t choose indie books. However, the whole point of today’s #Trust30 exercise is to dream big – so I choose to dream about Oprah reading and recommending Circle City Blues.

The obstacles:

1. Oprah only chooses traditionally printed books.
2. Oprah probably has hundreds of books waiting for her eyes to peruse.
3. Oprah probably doesn’t think she’d enjoy a book about a truck driver.

How can I overcome these obstacles?

1. I could gift her an electronic copy of Circle City Blues – after all, she has a Kindle. And my books are also available in print. All I need is her email address.

2. If everyone who has read and enjoyed Circle City Blues sent Oprah an email recommending my book, she might actually read the complementary copy I have hypothetically sent her.

3. Once Oprah starts reading my novel, she’ll see that trucking isn’t the subject of the novel – the seven stages of grief are the real focus. She will recognize that this quirky little comedy is actually about recovering from traumatic life events.

So what do you think? Could it happen or is this just a pipe dream? And does anyone have Oprah’s email address?

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  1. this is very creative! why don't you go for it? I'm sure her website(s) must have a contact info!

  2. You're right, Jane. What could it hurt? I found an email address for her -- though I doubt it goes directly to her -- and sent her a Kindle copy of Circle City Blues.

    Readers -- please take the second step above and send Oprah an email recommending me! Let's see if we can make this dream come true!

  3. This is creative. I enjoyed reading it. I also wouldn't mind reading the book one day. Hope it actually comes true for you. Keep it up.


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