Friday, July 13, 2012

Apropos of Nothing: Kristina Howells Answers 5 Questions

Kristina Howells is a published author and poet. She currently lives in Calais in France, and she is a British expat. She has written non-fiction and fiction works, including A Hatter goes Mad, Te Deum, Una voce, Lettre Fatale, Making sense of the Genesis Flood, Making sense of the Life of Christ, Law and Gospel,  and Les Delices de Calais.

She recent took part for the first time in the June Camp NaNoWriMo. At this camp, she had to write 50,000 words or more within 30 days. She is glad to say that her new novel, Lovers in a Bag, is almost finished. All she can reveal is there are two funerals and a wedding.

However, since her publishers have gone out of business due to the credit crisis, she now self-publishes using and Createspace. She says it is easy to publish without paying for it when you know how.

Make a statement about honesty.
Honesty is very important. Lies will one day always catch up with you. I’d rather be honest and then face the consequences.

Describe an ideal vacation.
My ideal vacation is lying in a hammock on a tropical island, and writing a book without any disruptions.

What would you like to receive on your next birthday?
I am forty soon. So for my next birthday I would like to receive a 64 GB tablet so I can store all my electronic books.

Say something about resentment.
There is a lot of resentment in the world. I think as I have got older I try to not look back or dwell on things that cause me to resent the situation. I’d rather get my own back by writing about that person and publishing it as a short story or poem. Then get over them. The best I can.

What color would you use to describe yourself? Why?
A very good question; In fact I love the colour pink. It is bright and clear. It is a fun colour too. I like to have fun especially after I am at a party. But then if I was to describe my mood. I am at the moment very tired from this writing camp so I would say my mood is a murky brown colour. It most probably will return to pink the 1st of July.

To learn more about Kristina and her work, please visit:

What a pleasure to have Kristina visit all the way from France! Merci beaucoup, Kristina! I wonder: do you warn your enemies that they might become a character in one of your novels?

Stop by in Sunday, July 15th, to find out Ey Wade’s favorite holiday and much more!

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