Friday, June 22, 2012

Apropos of Nothing...

Not long ago, a childhood memory pushed its way through all the other muck in my brain and beached itself on my frontal lobe. You see, I was an only child and, as such, my parents had plenty of money to stock our hall closet with games. I had just about every board game out there: Monopoly, Clue, Careers, Scrabble, etc. I even had the electronic games like Simon. I never had Operation though; I think that one must have freaked my mom out.

Anyway, the board game that attacked my brain the other day was called the Ungame. This “game for all ages” was like therapy group in a box. The cards were all open-ended questions meant to get people talking. As strange as it seems, my best friend and I played this game until the cards were frayed. Until my mother invested in another set of questions. Until we could predict each other’s answers. That game is probably the reason LeAnne and I are still friends: you don’t lose touch with the person who knows all your secrets.

So, I found the Ungame on eBay. It’s not the same as it was back then; it has morphed into a card game, which actually makes a lot more sense. I bought myself a set, and they arrived yesterday. Reading through the questions made me curious: what if I interviewed other creative types using these cards? What sort of results would I get? I went to my favorite Facebook group, the Book Junkies, and found some willing volunteers for this experiment. I hope you’ll enjoy their answers as much as I have. Look for the answers from the first interviewee, M. Edward McNally, tomorrow.

By the way, if you would like to answer five random questions too, send me a message on my Facebook page.

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