Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Review: Her Peaceful Sleep by Alex Canton-Dutari

Imagine tiny needles in the center of every key on your keyboard, pricking your fingers with each letter you type. Imagine performing open-heart surgery on yourself without the benefit of painkillers. Writing about the death of loved one is more excruciating than either of those imaginings by far. In Her Peaceful Sleep, Alex Canton-Dutari shares the experience of his wife’s death with his readers.

This short third-person memoir is almost a mosaic writing: various scenes stitched together to create a whole picture. The timeline is unimportant; the emotions are what matters. Taken as a whole, the picture created is one of a doctor shattered by his inability to help his wife.

Unfortunately, there are a number of small errors in the text, as well as a few ambiguous sentences. Mr. Canton-Dutari is occasionally guilty of showing and telling within the same paragraph, thereby weakening the emotion behind the writing. Additionally, a number of weak phrases and words have found their way into the work.

The author has no interest in revising the work, and I cannot blame him. With this story, he has inspected his soul and found it damaged in a way that only time can repair. However, if you are able to overlook the flaws of the text, you will find the raw emotion of a man who has lost his true love. For that reason alone, it is worth reading.

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