Saturday, June 23, 2012

Apropos of Nothing: M. Edward McNally Answers 5 Questions

Ed McNally is the typical North Carolina born, Midwestern raised, present-day Phoenecian of Irish/Mexican descent. He stayed in school until they gave him five degrees just to go away, and now writes Epic Fantasy. Typical.

Talk about your favorite sport and why you like it.
Here’s the thing. The whole Irish side of the family settled in Chicago in the early 20th Century, though since then the McNallys have moved all around the country (I’m a case in point). Our love of Chicago Bears football has become a weird touchstone whenever we get together, as it is the one thing we all still seem to have in common. It’s about family.

Say something about hitchhiking.
A relic of the past, I guess? Seriously, it seems like there was a time in this country when it was a viable way to travel. Now it’s the opening scene of a horror movie, or an episode of Criminal Minds.

Say something about alcoholic beverages.
“Whiskey” comes from the Gaelic word usquebaugh (more or less), which means “Water of Life.” I’ll drink to that.

Tell about a time when you felt successful.
The first short story I had published was in a Lit journal back in the early 90’s. As soon as I got a copy, I took it to a park, sat on a bench, and read it three or four times. That was a good afternoon.

Make a statement about honesty.
Fiction writers make stuff up for a living, and tell stories about stuff that never happened to people who don’t exist. Because of that, we have to be far more honest than the practitioners of most professions.

To learn more about Ed and his work, please visit:
His Amazon Author Page
His Blog
His Smashwords Page

Thanks, Ed, for stopping by and agreeing to be my first guinea...I mean, guest. My next guest will be LB Clark.


  1. Excellent! Great questions. And answers.

  2. Very enjoyable reading. Thanks Ed and thank you Susan for a slightly different take on the author interview theme.

  3. Love the response to the last question. Very true.

  4. Laurie, LB, and Ed: Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment! I'm having a great time interviewing all these wonderful people. Just wait until you see some of the answers I've gotten...

  5. That was fun! I love this, Susan. Ed, excellent answers, my friend!


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