Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apropos of Nothing: Kevin Tomsett Answers 5 Questions

Kevin is 34 years old. He is almost married to Kim and has two sons, Morgan and Shawn, and a daughter, Cameron. He likes nothing better than using his downtime to play Skyrim or Lego games on his Xbox 360. When he is not playing, he can be found watching the Grand Prix. When not doing that he will probably be at work; if not at work, he can be found bashing out his latest bestseller!

Describe your best year in school.
My best year at school would have to be the year after I left – I hated it that much.

Say something about space travel.
I love the idea of space travel like in Star Trek, and the thought of other races out in the expanse of space makes us as human beings seem small.

Tell about an understanding person in your life.
That would have to be my almost wife Kim. She has stuck by my side through thick and thin.

Say something about apologizing.
It’s not an easy thing to do.

Describe the kind of car you would like to own.
That’s a hard one. I guess something like an armoured Hummer.

To learn more about Kevin and his work, please visit:

Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat, Kevin. You are a man of few words – you must save them for your writing!

Come back Monday – Rich Meyer, Trivia Master Extraordinaire, stops by to answer a few questions with no right or wrong answers!

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