Thursday, July 19, 2012

Apropos of Nothing: Alex Canton-Dutari Answers 5 Questions

Alex Canton-Dutari -- né Alejandro Cantón -- was born in Santiago, Republic of Panama, almost seven decades ago. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and throughout his professional years wrote a textbook and many articles about his area of concentration -- clinical sexology. Upon retirement he has tried to become a full-time novella writer, which combined with his babysitting tasks -- four grandchildren -- keeps him quite busy.

Say something about hitchhiking.
Never did it, but went all over Europe on a Eurailpass in 1966 -- Spain to Trondheim, Norway, then on to Austria and returning through the Mediterranean coast way back to Madrid. At the time that was the high point of a free spirit and youthful daring -- on US$5.00 a day!

Describe the pet you would most like to own.
A cat… when my wife was alive we always had a cat, and I miss the cuddling, snuggling up to me and the purring that would put both of us to sleep. Tiger is with my youngest son now. If I move to another apartment I hope I'll be allowed to have a new one.

Tell about a time when you felt awkward.
I'm an Aries -- we're perfect. Nah! When I go to gatherings of my belated wife's family I feel completely out of place. Oh, yes, it also happens when I go to a writer's meeting, especially among experienced ones. I don't feel quite at the same level, though my colleagues consider me otherwise.

Describe the "greatest" dessert in the world.
Lately I've been pan baking Betty Crocker's corn bread. I pour in just enough sugar and top it with butter and maple syrup. It's healthier than "death by chocolate," which I love but stay away from. Now that I think of it, it's almost a main dish instead of a dessert!

Talk about your favorite sport and why you like it.
When my kids became teenagers I started going to the gym and used all the contraptions. But the best part of this "sport" was joining other fathers in the steam room where we talked about politics. Therefore, talking about politics was my favorite sport -- in a way. It kept our imagination going, our brains working and was always a good excuse to attend. Nowadays I still go to the gym, but most of my partners have gone to their family's asteroid. I wrote a novella during my last bout at the gym.

To learn more about Alex and his work, please visit:

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you better, Alex. Cornbread is a staple item in my family’s diet – it pairs well with pinto beans!

On Saturday, Jaq Hawkins will be joining me to answer her five questions. Please join me again then.

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  1. Thank you very much. I enjoyed the choice of questions.
    What a wonderful way to know a bit more about my fellow writers.

    1. Thanks again for participating, Alex! You really are a fascinating man -- so glad to know you!


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