Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Junkies Library Opens and Other Publishing News

A few months ago, I mentioned my love for a certain Facebook group called the Book Junkies. These are some of the most supportive readers and writers I’ve ever met; if you haven’t joined, I highly recommend that you do so immediately!

Today, I’m pleased to announce that the Book Junkies Library is open to the public – and I am one of the featured authors for the Grand Opening Month! All of the Book Junkies – myself included – owe Grace Guerra a huge thank you for devoting her time and energy to this massive project. She has my undying gratitude.

In other news:

My publisher, Inknbeans Press, has offered its authors a huge incentive: starting August first, the first author to reach fifty book sales – electronic or print – will have five print copies of his or her novels donated to the medical facility of their choice.

Today I am asking for your support: if you have been thinking about buying my novels, please do so now. I would like very much to see five print versions of my work donated to the hospice facility that cared for my grandfather in his last few days.

You can find my novels at all the major booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Smashwords, and even the iBookstore. Please help me make this happen. Thank you for your support.

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