Thursday, June 16, 2011

#Trust30: Robotic Companions, Anyone?

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Today’s #Trust30 exercise challenges us to invent our futures.

What does my future look like? It depends on how far into the future I’m looking:

Next Year:
I’ll have at least nine novels completed by this time next year. I hope to have significantly increased my fan base.

Five Years in the Future:
I will have written more than twenty novels. My husband will not have to work anymore. We will be able to spend more time traveling and enjoying each other’s company.

Ten Years in the Future:
I will set up a scholarship for Cottey College English Literature majors. Cottey is my alma mater – I have always wanted to do something to support them. Dan and I will be living in Chicago by then.

Twenty Years in the Future:
Indie authors will no longer be viewed with suspicion by readers. Publishing houses and agents will have long since discovered that they can mine the indie population for the writers of the future. I just don’t know if the indie writers will still care if they get a “real” contract. Anticipating a slow-down in my annual output, I will have written at least forty novels over the course of my career.

Forty Years in the Future:
I will be happily anticipating my eightieth birthday. Though I have no children, I will have a legion of readers who still look forward to my next book. Maybe I’ll even be recognized on the street occasionally. I’ll probably have a new pancreas by then – science will have figured out how to grow replacement “parts.” And I expect I’ll have a robotic companion – because don’t we all expect that?

If I could truly create my future, Dan would still be standing right beside me forty years from now. He is more important than everything else – the rest is just cotton-candy fluff.

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  1. Great future, Susan. Thoughtful and full of wonder. Makes you really wonder what's going to happen in the future.


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