Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thank You, Alex!

I’d like to share a little brag here today. Alex Canton-Dutari, a fellow Book Junkie and writer (as well as a former clinical psychologist), has taken it upon himself to create a short review of my overall writing style. Here it is, in his words:

“I always look for a trait in a writer that has written several books. After reading An Unassigned Life and Circle City Blues, I was quite sure to have found it. This was confirmed upon reading Forsaking the Garden: Plot development consistency. 
“It is obvious, at least for me, that Ms Bennett can tackle any subject she desires while using first person in whichever genre she chooses. And I have seen her go from a serious though a bit irreverent tirade about afterlife, through what some might consider “chick lit” and questioning today's society in Forsaking the Garden. 
“By the way, be prepared for her endings. The author may smile but the reader may be surprised… As to myself, one made me feel that I had hit a wall with my face. 
“I appreciate the author not making a display of sex to maintain reader's interest. She has all the correct literary resources to make her stories serious but entertaining reads.”

Thank you again, Alex! Check out his blog here.

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