Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Publisher: Inknbeans Press

Now that the ink is dry on the contracts, I'm pleased to announce that Inknbeans Press is my publisher.

I consider myself very fortunate to have come in contact with this fantastic group of people as a result of writing a book review for Steven Revare's Raw, a Novel. After discovering how carefully they edit their books, I was thrilled when they gave me the opportunity to submit my own work for their review and ecstatic when they said they wanted to work with me.

The Boss Bean (Maaijo Lowe) describes the press this way:
"Inknbeans isn't one of the Big Six.  It would be a stretch to call us one of the Little Six Hundred.  We're fairly new on the publishing horizon, but that will change.  We're small, and we want to keep it that way.  When we get so big that you can't have a dialog with the person who makes policy, then we've gotten too big."
Inknbeans will be introducing me on their website next week. Circle City Blues will be the first book to appear under their imprint, with The Thief of Todays and Tomorrows and The Prophet's Wives to follow.

And, coming in February 2011, my fourth novel, An Unassigned Life, will debut.

As a special offer to my fans and friends, Inknbeans Press will be giving a free t-shirt to one of my followers who signs up for their email list. Joining the email list will also give you advance notice on future books by all of the Inknbeans authors, as well as any promotions or sales offered through their website.

So, please, take the time to join the list and explore the books offered by Inknbeans Press. You won't be disappointed.

Happy Reading!

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