Sunday, July 15, 2012

Apropos of Nothing: Ey Wade Answers 5 Questions

Ey is the author of Beads on a String - America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History. She has also penned several other novels within several genres. A mother of three and grandmother of one, Ey loves to write, work in the garden, and spend time with her family.

Tell about a family tradition that you enjoy.
 I really love the Easter celebrations. Every year since I was a kid we would meet at one certain family member’s home and have this massive dinner, and humongous egg hunt. As kids we had to stay behind while the adults and older cousins hid the eggs. The suspense was excruciating. Eventually, as that certain family member became too old to hold the hunts we would move into another home until it was my turn to be the host. The excitement in being the hider, and waiting for the new generation to find their treasure is excruciating.

How do you want to spend the last day of your life?
Free of any kind of pain. Not rushed and not knowing it was going to be my last day of life.

Share a compliment you received recently.
Someone told me I was a fantastic writer and just from reading one of my books has asked me to collaborate on a project. That’s the biggest compliment ever.

What seems to be the biggest problem in your life right now?
Oh, where can I start? All of my problems are big peace-of-mind-stealing, lint-in-pocket, constant-pain-in-back-and-hip monsters of problems.

How do you decide between right and wrong?
I choose it naturally. I use discernment and think of three choices. Jail, hell, or mental torture. I don’t want to have to live with any.

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I think I want to come to your place for Easter, Ey! Around the holidays, I often wish I had a big family with lots of children running around. Then I remember that I’m a writer, and I would probably let my children starve to death while I wrote “just one more page”!

On July 17th, I will welcome co- authors KR Hughes and TL Burns. 

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  1. Thanks so a lot for having me over. I really enjoyed the questions. So, much fun.
    And you're always welcome to come over and play with the kiddies and hide the eggs.

    1. Aw! That's sweet, Ey! If I'm ever in your neighborhood, I may just drop by. :)

      Thanks for being such a good sport and answering my questions. I wish you much success!